Our Loan Packages

You have a specific purpose in mind when looking to borrow money. That's why a one-size-fits-all loan just doesn't make sense. You need options that align with what you want to finance, the amount you need to borrow and when you need your funds. At Trust Fund Alliance Hong Kong, options are what we do best.

Home Improvement Loan

Trust Fund Alliance Hong Kong offers a variety of home improvement loan options, depending on your specific needs.

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Auto Loan

Your car is an expression of you, so it has to be just right. Whether you're buying or leasing Trust Fund Alliance Hong Kong has it all.

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Student Loan

If you’ve explored federal aid and other ways to pay for school, and you’re still falling short, Trust Fund Alliance Hong Kong can help.

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Business Loan

Trust Fund Alliance Hong Kong offers consumer loans and lines for just about anything. Consolidate credit card debt, or cover medical expenses.

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